Psychoeducational Assessments

Who we Serve

Psychoeducational assessments are available to all residents of South Florida and the Bahamas area from preschool age to adulthood.


  • CARE Center fee for psychoeducational assessments start at $700. 
  • Total Fee will depend on evaluation needs and testing process
  • Half payment of total fee is due upon scheduling appointment; and last payment (remaining balance) is due when report has been completed.

The CARE Center does not provide emergency services, detoxification services or care for those with acute mental illnesses. Those requiring these critical care services are referred to the appropriate facilities.

In the event of an emergency (suicide, homicide, sexual assault, domestic/intimate partner violence, abuse, or neglect) please call 911 or go to the nearest hospital emergency room.

Who conducts the Assessment

The Psychoeducational assessments are conducted by either:

Advanced graduate students pursuing a specialist degree in school psychology (under direct supervision of a licensed psychologist or school psychologist; or

Contracted Licensed School Psychologist

What is included in an assessment

Clinical interview
Review of previous assessment reports and results, academic/education reports, medical reports, therapeutic reports, writing samples etc.,
Testing Sessions with use of specific psychoeducational measurement tools.
Consultation with parents, teachers, and/or other professionals working with person who is being assessed (If deemed necessary)
Comprehensive psychoeducational report with recommendations for specific services; and
Clinical Feedback with Parent (if a minor) and Child (depending of age). If adult received assessment the feedback session is with the adult who was evaluated.


For appointments or further inquiry, contact the CARE center

Phone (Miami Shores-USA):



Please note:

The CARE Center is closed during Barry University holidays.

Types of assessments we conduct

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)



Special accommodations for External board or licensure exams (ONLY with historical and well-documented issues)

Learning Disability

Intellectual Disability

Emotional and/or Behavioral Disability

Test Anxiety (with historical and well-documented issues)

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