Community Learning Partnership of South Florida


The Community Learning Partnership was established in 2008 by leaders from local businesses, organizations, and public and private educational institutions who seek to serve as a catalyst for community engagement, well-being of children and family, and quality education to benefit all members of our community.   


The Community Learning Partnership (CLP) of South Florida is comprised of representatives of public and private educational institutions, law enforcement, local businesses, healthcare organizations, non-profit organizations, and grass root community organizations. CLP Members meet on a quarterly basis. 


The Purpose of CLP of South Florida is to:

Minimize cultural, educational, and socioeconomic barriers amongst students, parents, educators, and the community

Leverage resources to assist underserved populations

Create shared experiences that help strengthen a sense of community engagement among students, parents, educators, business leaders, and community at large.

Provide opportunities for CLP members to support the emotional, mental, intellectual spiritual, and physical well-being of children and families in the South Florida Community.


CLP Members collaborates with Barry University’s CARE Center to further its goals related to three program components:
  1. Youth Development 
  2. Educator Professional Development 
  3. Community and Parent Engagemen

Interested in Becoming a CLP Member

Interested in learning more about the Community Learning Partnership of South Florida and becoming a member?

Please contact: Dr. Silvia Reyes

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