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CARE Center

Counseling, Assessment, Research, and Education

CARE Center

The CARE Center (Counseling, Assessment, Research, and Education) is designed to meet the academic and mental health needs of underserved children and their families from our local community. The Center offers a full range of educational diagnostics, interventions, and mental health support services that address a diverse spectrum of individual needs while promoting individual and family wellness from a holistic perspective.

Our Mission

The mission of the CARE Center is to provide high quality and cutting-edge Counseling, Assessment, Research and Education services that promote social justice, foster collaborative service, and is inclusive of our diverse community.

Mrs. Elizabeth Sanchez

CARE Center Director

Our Services


Counseling services focus on enhancing clients' strengths and resources.


Assessment Services focus on psychoeducational diagnostic interventions for academic, emotional, or behavioral issues.


Research efforts focus on collaborative partnerships that promote the common good and a more humane and just society.


Education services focus on workshop and training opportunities to increase knowledge and skills.

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The CARE Center

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By giving online, your contribution will make a huge impact for our community, as well as create opportunities and promote excellence within the CARE Center. Your giving will help fund:

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