CARE Center Research Initiative in collaboration with the City of Miami Beach Homeless Outreach Center

In December 2022, the CARE Center at Barry University completed a 5-month research project in a collaborative partnership with the City of Miami Beach Homeless Outreach Office.
The Research initiative, under the leadership of Dr. Silvia Reyes (Director CARE Center) and Dr. Jill Farrell (Dean of Students ADSOE-LHD), involved students within the School Psychology and Clinical Mental Health Counseling program and the Director of School Psychology Program (Dr. Agnes Shine).

The project included the design and facilitation of comprehensive interviews and surveys for homeless individuals as well as scholarly and critical analysis of data gathered.

The goal of this research effort was twofold

  1.  To increase the knowledge, and skills of Barry students pursuing degrees within the mental health field about the social, emotional, mental and cultural issues that impact the South Florida Community; and
  2. to offer data results and recommendations to the City of Miami Beach Homeless Outreach Office that may assist in the development and implementation of self-sustaining solutions (program services and resources) that promote the common good and a more humane and just society for those that are homeless (including children and families).

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